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Algorithm in You Enjoyment, Gernerosity, Enthusiasm

$53.00 USD

We are excited to announce a unique change in our monthly Algorithm in You webinars thanks to new unique sponsorships beginning in May. More information is coming soon!
While we are excited for the changes coming in May, our April Algorithm in You will be the last two-hour long series and playback will be available. With this last occurrence and given the unique situations circling the corners of our earth, we will be reducing and then donating the registration fees to the various struggling locations to rebuild from tremendous devastation. This last two-hour event will be $53 dollars for registration and those who have been affected from events beyond their control will be allowed to attend. Join us in awakening an understanding of the Algorithm of You!

What is the Algorithm in You?

The data of experience starts from the moments you are formed and mixes with the immergenceof your individual thoughts to lead to the creation of the reality of your life.  In understanding the communications between your cells and the functions of the cells of others, you can begin to recognize the patterns of your lifetime and start a journey to unlocking the paths of success you seek. To optimize and maximize the patterns of individual consumers, companies around the world develop and search for these patterns to boost urges to purchase by feeding the mostly likely driven connections of material and thoughts to audiences around the world. By unlocking an understanding of your individual data, you drive a balance between the programming and the function of your own cells existence and truly gain knowledge of the algorithms of you.

Each month we will explore different Virtues with the Algorithm in You. 

It is open to all individuals seeking to gain an understanding and connection with yourself and the amazing power of your cells in moving toward true abundance and balance. You will dive deep into your subconscious awareness with the mindset and energy you are currently creating in your life. 

Topic: Enjoyment, Gernerosity, Enthusiam

Date of Seminar Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Time: 7am Mountain Standard Time

Location Online through Zoom 

Duration: Approximately 2 hours 

This seminar supports those new to ThetaHealing, that have never taken a seminar before and those who have been practicing ThetaHealing to a deeper understanding of yourself. This seminar does not certify you as a ThetaHealing practitioner, but rather supports you on your journey forward. 

This seminar is LIVE. 

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